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transacting business in such a manner as to enable a minister
opposed, to his interests to know (his motives); transacting
business with a person who is known to be faithless ; causing
the estrangement of a loyal person ; attaching importance to
persons while discussing the affairs of state; indifference in
punishing persons publishing state secrets ; negligence to seek
ways and means of averting (the evil results of) unnatural
occurrences; indifferent treatment of respectable persons;
fellowship with the mean; addiction to the (seven) vyasanas.
and vindictiveness.                                                              (49)
When three kinds of unnatural phenomena* occsir. a king
should in order to avert their evil consequences, spend large
sums of money in feeding Brahmans and offering worship to
the gods and performance of Jioma to Agni.                        (50)
Kings should foster rivalry among their nobles and
warriors so that their activities, loyal or otherwise, might not
be hidden, Moreover, by competing with one another to
obtain the royal favour by performance of loyal services, they
abstain from disloyal activities.                                           (51)
A king should not march in person against all places.
He should appoint another (person) commander (of the army)
and despatch him {against the enemy), so that he (the king)
might take rest. The commander, if he is weak, having
no money, land, elephants and horses, cannot defeat the enemy,
So, (the king) should give him territory well protected by forts
and troops. If these are given to any one but a Brahman, he
may turn against the king himself. However, (the services of)
the non-Brahmans are also quite essential.                         (52)
Foster the growth of dense forests on the frontiers ; and
cause the destruction of jungles in the midst of your kingdom,
go that (the people) may not be harassed by bandits.          (5S).
The attempt to enumerate the crimes of savage tnbesr
mhabiting the hilly tracts is to ,endeaY0tir to wa&h t&e difci 6fi
* The three kinds of unnatural phenomena at* dvoya, toUarikf* gad ***#**